Board Meeting Call: 11/10/2021

12pm EST On the Call: Liz, Mike, Maddie, Ted, Monica, Pat, Monica, Lori, Jenn, Jamie, Sheila Absent: Meg, Derek, Tessa, Jane, Kate Agenda 1.Committee Updates: Goal: Have 1 committee meeting before the all-membership mtg, so we can provide update on all areas.   Cont. Education: ( Proposals- SR will send out in email form) Strategic Planning: […]

Board Meeting Call: 1/10/2022

On the Call:Jamie, Tessa, Lori, Kate, Derek, Ted, Lori, Maddie, Sheila, Meg, Monica, Pat Unable to attend:, Jane,  AGENDA: Future Board Meetings – change to meeting 1 time a month. Work on submitting agenda items earlier and sending out pre-meeting. 1. Updates – Maddie 1.meeting with NCAA liaison- JP Williams ( replacing Kelly W.) had […]

Board Meeting Call: 2/22/2022

On the Call: Maddie, Mike, Jane, Derek, Caitlin, Kate, Mike, Monica, Meg, Pat, Lori, Sabrina, Kari, Sheila Absent : Liz, Ted (on and off) Meeting Action Items: 1. Welcome new members, assign new committee liaisons ; Assign to current committees list 2.  Discuss AOTY  (Ted)  3. Polling Topics (Derek)- D3 and ranking issue from preseason poll 4. […]

CRCA Board Cal: 4/23/2021

April 5, 2021 SEND EMAIL addressing Qs for new results reporting website- Trouble uploading rosters AM and PM races on same day? Courses not be inputted yet- so can’t enter schedule? Will it be searchable for all head coaches ??? MADDIE AND SHEILA _ Plan to get  committee members on a call to discuss selection […]

Board Call, April 19, 2021

Board Meeting, April 19, 2021, 12pm Eastern On the Call: Maddie, Liz, Mike, Monica, Lori, Ted, Jane, Jenn, Derek, Kate, Sheila, Paula, Gulliver, Meg, Pat, Jamie LIZ- DEI Update- DEI Updates, including BCRA/Bethel, OH Liz sent an email to the board about a letter the BCRA sent to the Big Ten, CRCA DEI group wrote […]

Board Meeting Call: Feb 8, 2021

CRCA Board Call, 12pm Mon Feb 8, 2021 Sam/John – Sustainability Update:  Sam –  sustainability committee will connect with Meg/Strategic Planning Committee to cross involve groups.  John: if any programs feel they are on ice, or feel like their program may be at risk, feel free to reach out to the committee. They are also […]

CRCA Board Call 3.8.21

CRCA Board Call- Mon March 8, 2021  12pm EST On the Call: Jane, Patrick, Jenn, Tessa, Liz, Ted, Monica, Lori, Derek, Meg, Sheila, Jamie Unable to attend: Maddie, Mike, Kate Liz Tuppen called the meeting to order  Committee Updates: Sustainability Committee – Lori No new updates, they met with Meg about Strategic planning and really […]

Board Meeting Call: Sept 28, 2020

CRCA Board Call Minutes: 9/28/20 12pm Eastern On the Call:Jane, Lori, Liz, Kate, Jenn, Tessa, Pat, Derek, Maddie, Jamie, Sheila, Mike, Meg AGENDA: ~International Student-Athlete restrictions? – potential new policies ( will look into further) 1. Lori-Sustainability committee:  10′ permission to use the press release that was sent to Maddie for “save college rowing and […]

Board Meeting Call: 8/20/20

CRCA Board Call, Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020, 12pm EST On the call: Maddie, Liz, Pat, Jenn, Lori, Jane, Tessa, Kate, Mike, Jamie, Meg, Sheila, Paula (DEI), Sam (Sustainability)  AGENDA: Sustainability Committee Update (Sam) DEI Committee Update (Paula/Gulliver or Liz) External Relations- ACRA/IRCA ( Maddie)  COVID  Survey Stewardship (Kate) Legislation Updates (Jenn) Cont. Edu. Committee updates […]

Board Meeting Call: 9/1/20

CRCA Board Call: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 11am Eastern Present on the Call: Agenda: Sustainability Committee- Lori/Sheila Dave is working with Catherine Sheehan for marketing/pr. Creating content. 90” stories. What’s the narrative?  How/ where can we publicize? What’s the end goal?  Her ideas on messaging which discussed a 3-tier structure.   1) Olympic Sports banding […]