Bebe Bryans

Hall of Fame Class of 2023


**Bebe Bryans: A Legacy of Leadership**


Since 1988, Bebe Bryans has steered the course of four collegiate rowing programs, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of NCAA women’s rowing. Her teams boast an impressive 23 NCAA appearances, a testament to her leadership prowess. Recently retired, Bebe is the longest-tenured women’s rowing coach in the University of Wisconsin history with 15 NCAA appearances. As the founding head coach at Michigan State University (7 NCAA appearances) and the trailblazer who guided Georgetown University to the inaugural NCAA championships in 1997, Bebe’s legacy is etched in the history of collegiate rowing.


Before her notable coaching career, Bryans served as the founder, executive director, and head coach of the Pacific Rowing Club from 1980-92. Her involvement extended to the USA Women’s National Rowing Team in 1985, where she led the 1992 women’s eight to a historic bronze medal at the Junior World Championships. A record-breaking achievement, Bryans is the only rowing coach in history to have led three different programs to the NCAA Rowing Championships. Bebe Bryans leaves a lasting legacy of competitive spirit, passion, and selfless dedication, positively impacting generations of women.