Board Meeting Call: 11/10/2021

12pm EST On the Call: Liz, Mike, Maddie, Ted, Monica, Pat, Monica, Lori, Jenn, Jamie, Sheila Absent: Meg, Derek, Tessa, Jane, Kate Agenda 1.Committee Updates: Goal: Have 1 committee meeting before the all-membership mtg, so we can provide update on all areas.   Cont. Education: ( Proposals- SR will send out in email form) Strategic Planning: […]

CRCA Board Cal: 4/23/2021

April 5, 2021 SEND EMAIL addressing Qs for new results reporting website- Trouble uploading rosters AM and PM races on same day? Courses not be inputted yet- so can’t enter schedule? Will it be searchable for all head coaches ??? MADDIE AND SHEILA _ Plan to get  committee members on a call to discuss selection […]

All Membership Meeting Minutes: Jan 26, 2021

Jan 26, 2021  1pm EST. ~216 registered for the call, 199 present  AGENDA Maddie Davis calls the meeting to order, Board Members introduce themselves Committee Reports: Sustainability Committee – Sam Sarff, Dave Ringham, Bebe Bryans  Sam – Introduced all committee members Explained the purpose of the committee and the work that’s been done. Currently working […]