Board Meeting Call: Sept 28, 2020

CRCA Board Call Minutes: 9/28/20 12pm Eastern On the Call:Jane, Lori, Liz, Kate, Jenn, Tessa, Pat, Derek, Maddie, Jamie, Sheila, Mike, Meg AGENDA: ~International Student-Athlete restrictions? – potential new policies ( will look into further) 1. Lori-Sustainability committee:  10′ permission to use the press release that was sent to Maddie for “save college rowing and […]

Board Meeting Call: 8/20/20

CRCA Board Call, Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020, 12pm EST On the call: Maddie, Liz, Pat, Jenn, Lori, Jane, Tessa, Kate, Mike, Jamie, Meg, Sheila, Paula (DEI), Sam (Sustainability)  AGENDA: Sustainability Committee Update (Sam) DEI Committee Update (Paula/Gulliver or Liz) External Relations- ACRA/IRCA ( Maddie)  COVID  Survey Stewardship (Kate) Legislation Updates (Jenn) Cont. Edu. Committee updates […]

Board Meeting Call: 9/1/20

CRCA Board Call: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 11am Eastern Present on the Call: Agenda: Sustainability Committee- Lori/Sheila Dave is working with Catherine Sheehan for marketing/pr. Creating content. 90” stories. What’s the narrative?  How/ where can we publicize? What’s the end goal?  Her ideas on messaging which discussed a 3-tier structure.   1) Olympic Sports banding […]

Board Meeting Call: : 7/16/2020

On the Call: Maddie, Liz, Jenn, Tessa, Mike, Jamie, Pat, Tessa, Kate, Meg, Sheila, Jane, Lori DEI Reps– Gulliver Scott, Paula Thoms, Claire Kuehnel AGENDA: DEI Committee Updates Board update – Vice President Legislation Updates COVID Task Force Program Preservation Committee coordination with IRCA Press outreach Misc. DEI Committee Updates (Liz, Paula, Gulliver, Tessa) Had […]

All Membership Meeting Minutes: 6/29/20

CRCA Membership Call: Monday 6/29/2020 12pm EST., ended 12:58pm.  181 Members Registered; 187 present on call.  U23 Updated – Brett Gorman Past halfway point of virtual U23 camp– Thanks to coaches, it’s going great. Meet with athletes 3x a week for group workouts, weekly Sunday Meeting. Overall- going well.  As fall becomes uncertain, we are […]

CRCA Board Call, 5/8/2020

CRCA Board Call, May 8, 2020, 12pm est On the Call: Nancy, Sheila, Emily, Meg, Pat, Tessa, Jenn, Maddie, Liz, Jamie, Kate, Lori, Jane, Derek  (absent-Mike) Agenda: 3C Outreach to Jenn regarding Dead Period  input ( NCAA currently looking at extending to June 30th) Award forms – COVID19 – Task Force Update ( Minutes from […]

CRCA Board Call – 4/25/2020

CRCA Board Call – Fri April 24, 2020 12pm est. On the Call: Lori, Pat, Tessa, Nancy, Liz, Leg, Jane, Maddie, Mike, Emily, Kate, Jamie, Jenn, Sheila, Derek   Kate- Covid19 ThinkTank: ( vision – try to help us construct the conversation) Kate will manage the thin- tank groups- (give a starting point and goals to […]

All Membership Meeting Minutes: 4/20/2020

CRCA Membership Meeting: Monday, April 20, 12:30pm Start Panelists:Board Members AGENDA Salary Survey Update (Nancy LaRocque) NCAA Legislation Updates (Jenn Langzettel) Covid19 Taskforce (Emily Ford & Kate Maxim) Awards Update (Emily Ford & Tessa Spillane) Treasurer’s Report (Mike Lane) Continuing Education Feedback & Moving Forward (Liz Tuppen & Maddie Davis) Brett Gorman: U23 virtual summer […]

CRCA Board Call- 4/17/2020

CRCA Board Call- Friday, April 17, 2020 12pm (Pre-Membership Meeting) On the Call: Nancy, Maddie, Jane, Jamie, Liz, Jenn, Emily, Brett, Lori, Kate, Sheila, Patrick, Meg, Jenn Agenda: Salary Survey update (29 remaining-….3 of which have started and another 2 waiting on Admin. Approval before submitting) DEADLINE SUNDAY. Add 2014 and 2017 salary survey data […]

CRCA Board Call: 3/31/2020

Board Conference Call- March 31, 2020 On the Call: Nancy LaRocque, Sheila Rinozzi , Jamie Francis, Liz Tuppen, Emily Ford, Lori Dauphiny, Jenn Langzettel, Maddie Davis, Derek Copeland, , Tessa Spillane, Jane A Lariviere, Megan Conan, Mike Lane Pat Hyland, and Kate Maxim   Check in – go around the “room” and talk about how […]