Membership Meeting

1:00PM Housekeeping: Liz O’Leary – Hall of Fame nomination form will be e-mailed out to membership in the next few weeks.  The presentation of winners will occur at the convention in December. Kris Sanford – Awards – Please turn in National COTY and ACOTY ballots by June 3rd.  Participation for regional votes was slim, but […]

Board of Director’s Conference Call

CRCA Board Conference Call Minutes April 23, 2009 Submitted by: Kris Sanford Start Time: 12 noon On call: Bill Zack, Liz O’Leary, Kris Sanford, Jane LaRiviere, Tessa Spillane, Martin Stone, Lori Dauphiny, Will Porter, Steve Pritzker, Robbie Tennenbaum, Susan Parkman, Tom Bold Committee Reports: Treasurer: Jane LaRiviere – does not have the check book yet. […]