Lightweight Committee Conference Call

CRCA Lightweight Conference Call Minutes Present: Bucknell-Kish, Georgetown-O’Conner, Lehigh-Meltzer, Wisco- Darley, Miller, UCF-Muhl, LMU-Conway, Stanford-Acosta, Radcliffe-Stevens, Princeton-Rassam, MIT-Kostrewski, PLU-Lawver, St. Mary’s-Younts, Santa Clara-Facchino, Bucknell-Strum (acting secretary) Recommendations for Lightweight Athlete Selection History of document was give by Steve.  Programs currently supporting very similar protocols: Bucknell, Lehigh, MIT, Princeton, Wisco.  Recognition that this is a set […]

Annual Board Meeting

CRCA Board of Directors Meeting The CRCA board of directors met on May 24, 2007 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site of the 2007 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships. Present: Sandra Chu, Eleanor McIlvaine, Becky Robinson, Kevin Sauer, Andy Teitelbaum, Joe Wilhelm, and Bill Zack. The following reports were made. Treasurer’s report: Steve Kish was not able […]