7/21/20 DEI Committee Meeting Notes

7/21/20 CRCA DEI Committee Meeting Notes Nominations for DEI Committee Chairperson(s) Both Paula Thoms (Cornell) and Gulliver Scott (St. Mary’s) were nominated by Rebecca Grzybowski (Temple) as co-chairs for the CRCA DEI Committee. Both Paula and Gulliver accepted their nomination This nomination was seconded by Steve Harris (Stetson) and Liz Tuppen (Michigan) These nominations went […]

DEI Resources

Conversation Starters:  Silence Breakers for White People in Cross-Racial Discussions VIDEOS:  How Can Race Affect Your Team, Your Recruiting, and Your Campus? w/ Jen Jacobs-  (57 min) Creating Equity & Inclusion in Rowing Culture & Programming  Powerpoint Slides  Outreach and Community Engagement  26 Mini-Films for Exploring Race, Bias, and Identity with Students “Beyond Black Squares” […]