The Number One Place for Collegiate rowing coaches

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association works to promote a positive collegiate rowing experience by
fostering a diverse and inclusive community of coaches that value their professional development and
promoting equity & leadership within the sport.

The CRCA serves as the voice and advocate for its members, in order to grow and promote excellence in
collegiate women’s rowing.

FOUNDED in 2000
Decades of Dedication To The Sport

WHY is the CRCA the

For over two decades, The CRCA has fostered a community for women's collegiate rowing coaches. With over 450 coaches hailing from 130+ institutions across all three NCAA Divisions in the United States, we remain committed to providing a supportive environment for coaches to collaborate and empower one another. We understand the importance of working together towards our shared goal, as our collective success depends on it. Together, we can ensure our continued growth and advancement of rowing at the collegiate level.


WHY is the CRCA the

Our coaches have devoted decades to the sport of rowing, and as a result, we offer YOU the opportunity to sit at the table with experienced, successful coaches and administrators who have been involved in the sport longer than your rowers have been alive. Our goal is to expand your professional network, equip you with the resources you need to enhance your skills, and provide the necessary education to ensure your long-term sustainability and the overall advancement of our profession.

Advocacy within the NCAA, USOPC & USRowing

WHY is the CRCA the

The CRCA stays actively engaged in the conversation and takes part in the decision-making process in the areas that affect YOU, your staff and your student-athletes. We are YOUR direct link to the NCAA, USRowing, ICAC and USOPC. We are actively working with decision-makers at the NCAA to further the initiatives that best serve college women's rowing across all NCAA divisions.

The Sustainability Committee works to protect the programs we have in-addition to their efforts to grow the total number of rowing programs across the country

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association envisions a rowing community that reflects the diversity of our community in which women, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized groups are engaged: from spectators and athletes to coaches, administrators, and officials. We believe in the power of diversity, and we strive to create a sport in which everyone experiences a true sense of belonging and acceptance.

Actively participating in the sport and have been since the beginning of NCAA rowing


Members Actively Coaching


Participating Collegiate Rowing Programs






With the ever-changing landscape of collegiate rowing, the CRCA is committed to continuing to grow the sport of rowing at the collegiate level and beyond. We recognize the important opportunities that rowing has to empower the next generation of leaders, well beyond their time as student-athletes. The CRCA provides a critical link in bringing together generations of rowers, alumni, coaches, and other stakeholders to build a network of relentless leaders to keep rowing relevant.

We recognize the contributions of our membership, from the successes of stand-out coaches to the impressive academic and athletic performances from our student athletes, and we use our platform to empower positive impacts in rowing and beyond. In-addition to yearly awards, our Hall of Fame servers as a way to honor and celebrate those who have made an ever-lasting impact of Women's Rowing.
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List of Awards for Coaches

Coach/Staff Awards

DI, DII, DIII Regional Coach of the Year
DI, DII, DIII Regional Staff of the Year
DI, DII, DIII National Coach of the Year
DI, DII, DIII National Staff of the Year
Hall of Fame Awardee

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The CRCA Provides Recognition for our coaches and student-athletes for their academic and athletic achievements, leadership, and growth of the sport.

List of Awards for Student-Athletes

Student-athlete Awards

CRCA Scholar Athlete
Pocock DI, DII, DIII All-American
Athlete of the Year

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We’re a connection point for 100% of the winning teams in Collegiate rowing

As much as we are competitors on the water, we are one community on land. The CRCA creates a sense of belonging, where members can learn from one another. We strive to connect people that are like-minded, who have either been doing this for a long time and/or WANT to continue to do this for a long time. 

As the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association, we also recognize the important opportunities that rowing has to empower the next generation of leaders, (especially those who work in collegiate athletics)  well beyond their time as student-athletes.

In our profession, particularly at this unique time for the NCAA, there is always something happening- off the water. We understand what you are experiencing, we have the resources to guide you and most importantly, we are your support- in the boat right with you. We are invested, we are strategic an we are here for YOU.

Our aim is to develop career coaches who are set up for lifelong success.

THE CRCA is working to help make sure you can provide the best possible student-athlete experience

The Average GPA of an NCAA Rower is above the general student-body and will raise the average GPA of your athletic Department

Last Year, the CRCA named over 1,100 student-athletes as CRCA Scholar-Athletes. The average GPA of this group was 3.76, with 72 student-athletes earning perfect 4.00 cum. GPA's. Over 540 student-athletes had a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher.

The Graduation Success Rate for Division I Women's Rowing is 95%

The GSR has steadily grown from 90% in 2022 to its current standing at 95%, which is higher than women's basketball, cross country/track, fencing and water polo. Rowing is tied at 95% with volleyball, softball, and women's golf.

Highly Scalable Way to Expand Participation Opportunities and Enrollment

A successful women's rowing program can help contribute to the overall athletic and academic success of the school. Winning championships and producing successful athletes can help build a culture of excellence within the athletic department and the school as a whole.

We know who you need to talk to, and how to get in touch with them

directors and executives

Liz Tuppen

President, region iV

University of Michigan

Kelsie Chaudoin

Vice President, Region III

University of Virginia

Mike Lane

Treasurer, Region II

Jacksonville University

Marnie Stahl

Executive Director

University of Notre Dame

Sheila Rinozzi

Associate Director

The Ohio State University

Samantha Sarff

Assistant Director

Board Members

Lori Dauphny

Region I

Princeton University


Region I

St. Joseph University

Kemp Savage

REgion II

Eastern Michigan University

Dave O'Neill

Region Iii

University of Texas-Austin

Megan Fitzpatrick

Region IV

University of Iowa

Al Acosta

Region V

University of California-Berkeley

Jane LaRiviere

Region V

Washington State University


Divisionn II

Seattle Pacific University

Jennifer Gilbert

Division II

University of Central Oklahoma

Kari Hughes

Division III

Washington College

Meg Conan

Division III
Hamilton College


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