CRCA Board Meeting (USRowing)

Friday, November 30, 2012


I.               Roll Call –Max Borghard, Karen Klinger, Jane LaRiviere,  Robin Meiggs, Steve Pritzker, Glenn Putyrae, Martin Stone, Robbie Tenenbaum, Colin Truex

Absent – Jimmy King, Wendy Lavash, Brett Sickler

II.            Treasurers Report  (Jane)

  1. Fiscal year is July 1-June 30
  2. Note: the coaching conference is late in the year, so the moneys don’t always add up in the right year
  3. Current account holds $40,828, plus $8,523 from conference, and the Pocock sponsorship which is behind 2 years ($10,000)
  4. Issue: What to do with the money, as it’s a lot to have in the account.
    1. Suggestions include:
      • Scholarships/funding to help coaches go to Conference
      • Nicer All America awards
      • Upgrade the website
      • Get other suggestions from membership

III.          Election of Officers

  1. President – Robbie Tenenbaum
  2. VP/Treasurer – Jane LaRiviere
  3. Secretary – Karen Klinger

IV.          Selection of Committee Chairs

–Noted the activites of each committee, then selected Chairs

Standing Committees:

  1. Awards – Jimmy King/ Colin Truex
  2. Championship and Competition- Martin Stone/Karen Klinger
  3. Legislative Review- Robbie Tenenbaum/Bill Zack
  4. Membership – Robin Meiggs (helping Dan Wollenbien)
  5. Nominating – Robin Meiggs
  6. Lightweight – Wendy Lavash
    1. Confirming Martin Doyle and Claire McKell to help (??)

Ad- Hoc Committees

  1. Coaches Poll – Steve Pritzker
  2. Coaches Education – Brett Sickler
  3. Hall of Fame – Max Borghard

V.             Committee Reports

  1. Standing Committees
    1. Awards
      • Suggestion to move to online form
      • Use budget money to improve physical award, certificate not enough, $5000 a year Pocock money doesn’t have to all be spent on award, but nicer award is suggested – committee to review
    2. Championship and Competition
    3. Legislative Review
    4. Membership
    5. Nominating
      • Note: there is no activity/changeover in 2013 of regional representatives
    6. Lightweight


  1. Ad Hoc Committees

Note: We should consider making these 3 committees Standing Committees, as they are long term

  1. Coaches Poll
    • Chair get’s pollers
    • Chair sends instructions and policies
    • Still need DI, II and III moderators to look at polls, check for missing info
    • Online system worked well
    • Confirmed final coaches poll is not based on NCAA results alone
    • Need to look at how many to rank – stay with status quo for now
  2. Coach Education
    • Discussed purpose for CRCA Education – need to refine and put on website (purpose, mission, structure)
    • Discussion point for later: What is our Aim and target audience? Do we want to have a bigger conference? How big is too big?
    • Suggestion to change the date, too close to NCAA’s
    • Maybe during/around Club Nationals
    • Suggestion of speakers – Sarah Lopez present dissertation
      1. Glen to check in with her.
    • Get feedback from the membership on timing and presenters
    • Potential to provide grants/funding for Assistant Coaches to attend
  3. Hall of Fame
    • We are behind, need to catch up and decide whether every year
    • Need a permanent home
    • Need to solicit more ideas for nominees
    • Table for next meeting/committee recommendations

VI.          Other Business

  1. Website – directive from the board to use funds to revamp the site
    1. Award and nomination info
      • Including ability to do forms online
    2. School race schedules – on site, or links to
    3. Membership list


  1. Board Expectations –
    1. Board Materials: We should create materials for new board members (Karen to work with Robbie on this)
      • Include job description
      • Committee description and timelines
      • Information on travel reimbursement
      • Expectations for time commitment and travel
    2. Board Member Travel: Reminded the board members that reimbursement is available (up to $400) for travel costs to attend board meetings.
      • Discussion point: This is intended to reimburse personal expenses, not pay for coaches to go to USRowing or NCAA’s when their institutions would pay for it.

VII.        Confirmed Membership Meeting Agenda

VIII.      Next Meeting

NCAA Championships, Indianapolis IN (or conference call TBA)

XI.       Adjournment