Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Camps Recently I have received a lot of inquiries from the membership with regard to coaches working at rowing camps. So it seems like a good time to put something out on the listserv.   First. let’s talk about an institution’s own sports camps and clinics. That is all governed by […]


Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Clinics If a student-athlete chooses to attend a coxswain or rowing clinic on a completely voluntary basis and completely at her own expense, there should not be any issues with NCAA rules. Please beware of the subtleties of the concept of ‘completely at the student-athlete’s expense’. For example, the athletic department […]

Competition Dates

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Competition Dates There may be some coaches who misunderstand part of the practice and playing season rules. Currently in all three divisions women’s rowing teams can have a maximum of twenty dates of competition (17.17.5). Some events do not count against the maximum of twenty dates of competition. A conference championship, […]

Recruiting Material

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Recruiting Material 2005 NCAA Division I Hot Topic No. 9 – NCAA Bylaw 13.4.1 – Recruiting Materials Question and Answer Document Date Issued: Aug 26, 2005 Type: Ed. Column Item Ref: 1 With the adoption of NCAA Proposal No. 2003-32 (as amended by Proposal No. 2003-32-1), NCAA Division I institutions should […]

Reporting Violations

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Reporting Violations The CRCA board of directors, on behalf of the membership, has developed the following recommendation for what our members should do if they observe what they think was an NCAA violation by a coach of another NCAA member institution. The board believes that the most appropriate action is for […]

Southern Hemisphere Recruiting

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Southern Hemisphere Recruiting This posting concerns recruiting rules for Division I institutions while recruiting prospective student-athletes who have a high school academic calendar that runs from January/February through December. So we are almost exclusively talking about southern hemisphere recruits (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.). I believe the principles outlined here […]

Sub-Varsity Teams

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Sub-varsity teams Please keep in mind that this e-mail was written after a fair amount of research and with help from the NCAA membership services staff and Pac-10 compliance officers. So while this posting does not carry the same weight as official NCAA correspondence, it is more than just personal opinion […]

Summer Recruiting

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Summer Recruiting During the summer, all three rowing coaches may be off campus recruiting at the same time. During the academic year, only a maximum of two coaches can be off campus recruiting at any one time. In the past, if two coaches were off campus, one would have to return […]

Graduate Assistant Coach

New NCAA Legislation 2006-19 PERSONNEL — GRADUATE ASSISTANT COACH — MINIMUM ENROLLMENT — EXCEPTION FOR MIDYEAR REPLACEMENT — BOWL SUBDIVISION FOOTBALL AND WOMEN’S ROWING Intent: In bowl subdivision football and women’s rowing, to specify that an institution may appoint a midyear replacement graduate assistant coach who is enrolled in less than 50 percent of the […]